The Community Freedom Ministry of the Upstate uses the Freedom in Christ approach for growing fruitful disciples. The pure biblical message, along with the Steps to Freedom ministry tool, helps equip believers to establish a solid foundation of faith, resolve conflicts that are barriers to spiritual growth, and equip them to victoriously overcome the enemy in daily living.

You see, becoming a fruitful disciple of Jesus doesn’t instantly happen the moment you are saved; instead. is a multistep process of growing toward spiritual maturity:

1 - Acceptance – knowing God’s full acceptance of who you are, right where you are, because of Jesus.

2 - Affirmation – not only knowing, but truly believing what God says about who you are as a new creation in Christ, even when it doesn’t feel true.

3 - Accountability – yielding our daily lives to the Holy Spirit’s transformation in growing to be more like Jesus. This involves learning to overcome your enemies (the world, your flesh, and the devil) and resolving personal and spiritual conflicts that hinder your transformation.

4 - Authority – submitting our entire being (body, soul, and spirit) to the authority of Jesus in our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is the goal of spiritual maturity, where we experience the abundant life Jesus promised as we abide in Him and bear eternal fruit for the kingdom.